We move general cargo through various vehicle mediums. Our services include:

Dry Cargo

PTBS Logistics is going an extra mile with the Dry Cargo Shipping. With our expert staff and their extensive experience, we are fortunate enough to offer guidance and solutions to each concern about the shipping process. Whether you are looking to move your ceramics or big-screen televisions, our dry containers are always ready to accommodate your needs.

We’re always ready to cater to the customers with their unique requirements. We also provide personal care and top-notch service to every shipment to raise customer satisfaction. With this service, we aim to provide our customers with peace of mind, as we ensure them that their cargo will be safe, secure, and damage-free because our staff is very hands-on with the whole shipment process. We have accumulated expert staff and excellent equipment to ensure that every dry cargo, from electrical appliances to personal commodities, is provided with first-class treatment.

PTBS Logistics combines its cutting-edge technology with personal care to each consignment to ensure that our customers receive their cargo on time and in perfect condition.

Refrigerated Trailers

PTBS Logistics refrigerated containers are equipped with the best and latest technology that ensures advanced transportation that you can rely on for your freight needs. Whether you are looking to transport medicines or vaccines, fruits, vegetables or meat, or any other refrigerated cargo, all of them require monitored controlled temperature and extra care to transport without any damage to the goods. To ensure that the refrigerated cargo’s transportation is as secure, timely, and reliable as possible, PTBS Logistics has this unique technology for our customers to transport their temperature-sensitive cargo without any worries.

Furthermore, our monitoring system allows our customers to monitor their refrigerated cargo in real-time, informing them of the cargo’s route, humidity, temperature, and unexpected door openings. This is an essential tool for any sensitive or valuable cargo so that our customers can cut down any potential problems and worry.

Transportation of sensitive refrigerated cargo requires particular hard-earned and specific expertise. That is why throughout the cargo journey, PTBS Logistics’ experts provide personal care for the cargo and carefully analyze and oversee every cargo.

Cargo Services

We offer safe and secure pickup and delivery of your precious cargo. We treat every customers’ cargo with the best care and transport them under the care of our experienced experts. Our goal is to work with every customer by understanding their unique needs and delivering them by offering different packages to meet their budget.

Along with many other services, we also offer to transport goods from different locations around the United States. From loading and unloading, temporary storage if necessary, and monitoring every process to make sure that the process is smooth and secure, especially when dealing with specialized goods. Furthermore, we offer pickup and delivery services and specialize in fulfilling the customer’s unique demands by providing their cargo with the care and security it requires.

Class 8 Tractor

Class 8 Tractor is one of PTBS Logistics cargo vehicles that we pride ourselves on in our services. With the technology advancing, it seemed fitting to make sure that PTBS Logistics has the best of the best that benefits our customers and us.

The Class 8 Tractor offers way more feasible improvements and efficiency than any other tractor with its “long combination vehicles,” which raises productivity by connecting multiple trailers and potentially the ton-mile efficiency of long-haul heavy tractors. The innovation of Class 8 Tractor has further reduced the average usage of fuel needed to move each ton of freight by 64%.

It comes with many other benefits, including low shipping costs, fewer tractors on the road, and fewer accidents involving the tractors. Furthermore, these tractors offer broad benefits towards economic prosperity, better environment, and health.